An MRI technician should work well with others, have mechanical and manual dexterity, pay attention to detail, be able to follow instructions and work as part of a team.   Other important MRI Technician skills include:

  • sensitivity to patients’ physical and psychological needs
  • good attention to details
  • good eye/hand coordination, full use of arms, hands and wrists
  • ability to follow instructions
  • ability to work as part of a team
  • good color vision and depth perception
  • be compliant with HIPAA requirements and other regulations

Additional items on the MRI technician skills checklist include:

  • ability to perform intravenous injections of MRI contrast material
  • good  ability to differentiate subtle shades of gray on a diagnostic image
  • mechanical ability to operate complicated equipment
  • ability to keep up with a fast paced environment.
  • manual dexterity
  • ability to transport, lift, lower, move, turn heavy objects and patients
  • good interpersonal skills with patients

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